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What's Inside The Instant Transformation Formula Program


Class #1
Instantly Enter the Healing Mode - Activate Your Innate Healing Power

There is an amazing mechanism in your body, where you have the natural ability to automatically heal yourself. It's called the growth state. It's now scientifically proven that when you feel different energies in your body, both physical and emotional, your body actually holds a different body chemistry. This means that when you are feeling sad and depressed you have a different body chemistry than if you are feeling Fear, pain excitement or joy. Literally your body is chemically different, when you are experiencing one state of being from another. When you are in emotional distress your body chemistry is in a non-healing mode, however when in a happy or blissful state, your body chemistry is in the growth state, where healing and Transformation are happening easily, effortlessly and automatically. This is the Healing Mode.

You will learn:

In this class you will learn how to gain access to this powerful way of being that has the potential to instantly and automatically heal just about anything. Joshua Bloom teaches you powerful Quantum Energy Transformation™ Processes to get your body and brain chemistry to change into a mode where your body promotes healing quite quickly, if not instantly. As you discover this innovative way of experiencing Quantum Healing, you will soon realize how powerful your body and energy system is, and have the tools you require to create your own profound transformations.


  • discover how your energy system works to support instant healing and transformation
  • learn why people don't heal, get stuck and can't seem to move forward, and why YOU will succeed while others fail
  • what makes Instant healing and transformation possible
  • how to instantly enter into the Healing Mode
  • how to instantly get out of stress, fear, anxiety, or any other energy that consistently holds you back.

Home Study Program – Transformation Training Recorded Live with Joshua Bloom. $800 Value

Class #2
Feel It to Heal It! - Supercharge Your Healing With Love and Joy

Most of us for many many years have locked down, shut down and ignored the feelings and energy in our body for an array of different reasons. We have been taught through our conditioning that if we shut off the horrible and bad feelings that many times show up in our daily experience by suppressing them, then all will be good. This is absolutely false. Actually, when we suppress what we feel in our body, what we know from the most recent Quantum Science is that your body continues to send you signals that actually make the feelings and energy get larger and stronger until you take action. In other words, you feel worse and worse until there is no ignoring it any more.

You will learn:

The good news is, none of this is your fault, and there is a super simple resolution that will supercharge your healing and transformation. You will soon discover through this class that instead of suppressing the energy and feelings that show up for you daily, you can feel the feelings in a way that is safe, uplifting and has the potential to resolve these feelings and energy permanently, so they never plague you again. What you are learning here is a permanent solution to freedom and bliss.


  • understand how your feelings, energy and pain can actually assist you to create instant healing and transformation
  • discover a freeing process that will allow you to simply, "feel it to heal it!" Learn to transmute your negative feelings into happiness, joy and bliss in just a few minutes
  • supercharge your healing by learning how your energy system works to achieve profound healing results
  • how energy moves in your body at the cellular level to create instant change and healing
  • how to move physical pain, trauma and debilitating emotions out of your body and energy to experience happiness and joy

Home Study Program – Transformation Training Recorded Live with Joshua Bloom. $800 Value

Class #3
Let it Go! Go Well Beyond Your Limitations and Triumph

Organically and scientifically, we have the ability to let our issues and problems go easily, as a natural mechanism of our bodies. We are born as natural born healers. When you were a kid, and scraped your knee, you knew that your body would eventually repair itself. If you have ever eaten pizza before, you know that after burning your tongue and the roof of your mouth, your tongue and mouth would heal in time. By nature, we are self-healers. However, when it goes beyond these simple examples, our belief and our abilities go down hill. When we really get sick or have a physical or emotional ailment, we get stuck, and usually don't succeed. You will learn that none of this is true, and YES, you can let it all go! Let go of your stuck, pain, ailments, trauma, fear, as well as other physical and emotional issues. Your body is more than capable of this, it's a natural ability that you have.

The problem is that we all have been conditioned out of these natural abilities. This class is teaching you how to get back these natural abilities easily.

You will learn:

In our normal world view, letting go of something is easier said than done. However, in this class, we go well beyond the limitations that we have been taught through our conditioning, when it comes to letting go and becoming completely free. This class is all about letting go of our issues and problems quickly with the goal of allowing instant change and transformation to happen as well. In this class you will discover what's possible for you and learn the art and science of letting go like you have never experienced before. What would your life be like after letting go of your deepest and biggest problems? What would be possible then?!


  • how to let go of our physical and emotional problems quickly, and even instantly
  • how to create and use Quantum Waves to let go of our troubling emotional and physical problems
  • going beyond our normal world view where we feel stuck and can't move forward in our healing and transformation process, to more open and bigger possibilities of instant transformation and joy
  • how to become and access our inborn abilities to heal and transform naturally and instantly
  • why we keep holding on to our past, our problems and our ailments, and how to STOP doing that now, to
    become free

Home Study Program – Transformation Training Recorded Live with Joshua Bloom. $800 Value

Class #4
Transform and Evolve - Be Empowered to Become The Amazing YOU!

You already embody everything you require to become healthy and well. Once you fully understand how your body naturally heals itself, and how you will easily turn on this healing mechanism, you will feel empowered, and obtain the freedom you desire! That's what this program is all about. However, what if we were to go beyond that?! What if you took your life to another level of possibility?

You will learn:

Transformation and Evolution is about going to the next level of YOU. Who would you become if you went to the next level of you? What would be possible for you? How would life be different? What if you thought differently, experienced differently, and took your life experience to a level that you never thought possible before? How exciting and enriching would your life be then?


  • what is evolution and why you should care
  • how evolution works to take yourself to the next level of you
  • the power of instant transformation and evolution to take your life experience to the next level
  • how to up the ante in your life to create a life worth living
  • learn how to engage the many new possibilities available to you, that you never knew were there, and how to choose these possibilities to live a fulfilling and joyful life beyond what you think to be possible

Home Study Program – Transformation Training Recorded Live with Joshua Bloom. $800 Value

Step #1
Effortless Evolution – Become the Person You Know You Can Be!

Transform your life within the Quantum Field, a place where your possibilities are endless. Have you ever wanted to experience transformation? Would you like to evolve yourself rather than be stuck in your tracks? What if there was a way to create Effortless Evolution? What would be possible then?

Quantum Energy Transformation™ is about shifting from slow incremental change to an evolutionary quantum leap. How far can you leap? What's possible for you?

There is a way of being that is easy to create that has the potential to produce profound shifts within you. It starts with a few powerful understandings.

1. Get out of your head, and back in your body to create a sense of beingness that will propel you forward on your journey in life.

2. STOP using strategies. They don't work! Create your life and possibilities from your vision.

3. We all tend to confuse visualization for vision, and they are not at all the same. Learn the difference between the two, and discover why living from your vision is so much more amazing. NO more vision statements! NO more figuring out your purpose! Just simply have a knowing that will allow you to live easy and free in such profound ways.

Get ready for Quantum Energy Transformation™! This video presentation is all you require to create instant evolutionary change! If you have ever wanted to feel better, lighter, happier inside, and evolve yourself at Quantum Speeds, this program will surpass your expectations and take you in the direction of your dreams!

This extremely detailed video presentation will teach you how to live from authenticity and move forward in your life with ease. This is straightforward and easy to understand. Anyone can create these powerful outcomes. We will explain precisely how and what to do to create the life you desire. We'll even show you examples and demonstrations to simplify the information even more, allowing you to attain permanent results now!

1 hour video presentation recorded live with Joshua Bloom

[Downloadable Video Presentation] $200 Value

Step #2
The Amazing Energy Stabilizer – Bringing Stability to You Instantly

One of the very best ways to stabilize your energy is through rooting. Joshua takes you through this experience as you strengthen both your energy, and body systems.

Have you ever felt scattered, unbalanced and stuck? Well, this Guided Connection™ experience is the antidote. It will unstuck the stuck in you, and balance your energy system, quickly and easily. You will feel grounded, stable, strong, and alive as you embody positive thoughts and emotional well-being.

Take this journey with Joshua into the deep places of transformation. Discover the stronger and more powerful you –The YOU that you can be proud of — The YOU that will exceed your own expectations.

Aren't you ready to get your life back? What are you waiting for? Joshua really cares, and is here to help you. Allow him to be your coach and guide you to yourself in such amazing ways.

12 Minute Guided Connection™ recorded and produced by Joshua Bloom

[Downloadable Transformation Process Audio MP3] $39 Value

Step #3
Creating Space in the Body for Instant Results - Have Balance, Openness and Stability

One of the best ways to open up space in your body is through breathing. When you breathe and root at the same time, you enter the Quantum Field; a place of change and transformation.

How you breathe actually determines how you feel. Learn the healing breath, the fire breath and open yourself up just like a flower does when the sun comes out.

This Guided Connection™ offers you a place of balance, openness, and stability. Allow Joshua to guide you into relaxation and calm. Discover this place of growth that lives within you, but rarely experience. Allow Joshua to help you find this beingness from within. You will discover more of who you are as you follow your breath and let go of any emotion, trauma or feeling. Once you let it go, it will never return. Create the permanent results you have been seeking.

This process is an opportunity to revitalize your life, and release anything that may be holding you back. This process is so relaxing and powerful that it will be easy to escape into yourself in such a good way. Feel the way you've been wanting to feel right now.

14 Minute Guided Connection™ recorded and produced by Joshua Bloom

[Downloadable Transformation Process Audio MP3] $39 Value

Step #4
Creating Unlimited Possibilities – Shifting Into the Possible You

The energy stored in this process alone will invite shifts of energy to move through you, causing transformation and effortless flow.

When you raise your energy frequency higher than your negative thoughts, olds patterns and limiting beliefs, your life changes and moves in the direction that you choose rather than the autopilot you would otherwise revert to. Take charge of your life now!

While experiencing the Quantum Field, Joshua asks you some very specific and magical questions that hold the secret to your unfolding self. What if you could have it all? What if nothing was in your way? What if you could simply become more of who you are effortlessly?

You hold the key to your own personal evolution; Joshua simply shows you that you can have it all. Not only is this doable, it's possible and meaningful to engage your life in new ways that now allow you to live your life at a higher energy frequency.

12 Minute Guided Connection™ recorded and produced by Joshua Bloom

[Downloadable Transformation Process Audio MP3] $39 Value

Step #5
Cutting the Ties to Your Past: Permanently
Release Negativity from Your Cells

You hold every experience and every emotion in your cellular memory. What if you could erase your negative experiences, people, traumas, and issues, and prevent emotional and physical illness? What if you had a tool for evolution that would reset your life and put you back on track in just minutes?
Could it be that simple? What if it is? Who would you become? What else would be possible?

This process is quite effective and many of Joshua's students claim that it is one of the most powerful processes he offers. What if you take this opportunity to shift with Quantum? What if you don't?

Guided Connection™ recorded and produced by Joshua Bloom

[Downloadable Transformation Process Audio MP3] $49 Value

Step #6
Quantum Waves for Instant Manifestation - Easily Release the Past Trauma That's Holding You Back

This process focuses on releasing the limiting energy that is stored in your body as cellular memory from your past traumas and conditioning. You will feel waves of Quantum Energy flow over you and move through you, underneath you and around you. As the waves move through your body in a vibratory way, transformation is taking place from within, allowing you to evolve. Freedom and love energy is now available to you.

Rather than living your life disconnected from yourself, this process reconnects you through waves of energy to your own sense of beingness, and opens the possibility for you to experience a deep quantum shift. Get your energy flowing as you release your past, negative thoughts, and pain. Set a new intention, and a new possibility for yourself as you let go of past problems, issues and stress.

What would you choose to let go of if you could?

10.5 Minute Guided Connection™ recorded and produced by Joshua Bloom

[Downloadable Transformation Process Audio MP3] $39 Value

Step #7
Manifesting Your Destiny: Positively Manifest Anything Now!

Set the intentions and energy into your future that will draw what you want to yourself faster and easier than ever before.

Joshua offers 2 separate recordings providing you with 2 different ways to engage the same process.

Have you ever sabotaged yourself? Do you get stuck in patterns that don't allow you to move forward? Do you ever fall short of your ambitions and just don't know why?

Rather than feeling stuck, this program will Supercharge the cells of your body in a way that every cell in your body will be in alignment with your success. Allow Quantum to help you get results beyond the possibilities that you think are possible.

Get out of stress, and Move into Transformation while you engage this beautiful experience. This powerful Guided Connection™ will take you on a journey back into the cells of your body, where you will rediscover your strength, your ground, and your energy. Become the person you know it's possible for you to become!

What else is possible in the Quantum Field? Let's find out!

2 Guided Connections™ recorded live by Joshua Bloom

Recording 1: Holographic Ball of Energy – Setting an Intention into your future

Recording 2: Holographic Ball of Energy – What do you want to Create?

[Downloadable Transformation Process Audio MP3] $61 Value

Joshua's Personal Gift to You!
Transform Anything Now! Create Quick and Easy Lasting Change

Have you ever wanted to make a quick change in yourself or transformation? This Guided Connection™ helps you do just that!

It's Easy!

With this powerful process, you will:

  • Delete, release or take out anything from your personal hologram that NO longer serves you
  • Increase your energy frequency quickly and permanently with the help of your higher self
  • Shift your identity to become a person who manifests instantly, easily and powerfully
  • Become the you, you know you can be, and evolve in the now

Transformation Process: Audio MP3 11 Minute Guided Connection™ recorded and produced by Joshua Bloom Digital product available for immediate download. $25 Value

Amazing Bonus
Membership Center with Unlimited Access and Direct 24/7 Contact with Joshua

Institute for Quantum Energy Transformation™

Joshua and his team are making themselves available to you 24/7 for the next 30 days, for YOU to ask them your questions, and take your learning to another level?.

Joshua has been known to give, give, give! He loves helping students transform, evolve and become the person he knows you can be.

When you have a question about your transformation or any part of your program, Joshua will be there to guide you, and help you succeed! Get started NOW with this powerful BONUS Feature.

Question Center : Internet Access to your own personal Membership Center account. Ask Joshua Bloom your most profound questions and have access to him and his team 24/7. $400 Value

About Joshua Bloom

Internationally Acclaimed Trusted Authority on Quantum Healing, the Executive Producer of the film, "The Ultimate Answer is inside™," and the host of the Internet TV Show, TheQuantumShift.TV, Joshua Bloom, has been featured on the front page of The Washington Post as one of the first coaches ever to be featured in the mainstream media.

Author of How to Heal Yourself Instantly, among many other audio and video programs, Joshua is doing what most people would consider being impossible.

He assists clients in completely releasing ailments such as fibromyalgia, pain, anxiety, fear, depression, allergies, Migraine Headaches, Attention Deficit, and much more. Additionally, he trains students to heal themselves and helps others do the same in his Come To The Edge! Certification Program.


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Risk Free!

All Items in this package are in digital format for immediate download Not available on CDs.

"After a few weeks I found Joshua Bloom and his work remarkable! I am noticing such profound changes after experiencing "Being Quantum™" and the different exercises that Joshua is presenting. I feel like I am a different person altogether. My Identity has changed!
Thank You Joshua!

~ Kari Arneberg, Norway

The material Joshua teaches us is truly transformational.


~ Jan Firstenberg, New York

My personal transformation, including eradicating physical pain as well as limiting beliefs, all cleared on a cellular level. I applaud Joshua Bloom on his development of this modality and his great teaching ability!

~Niki Flessas, Wisconsin

Joshua has taught from his HEART. He has inspired me to transform and evolve into the NEW ME, who is calm, aware, confident, focused and following the direction in life I have put off for so long; with vision, clarity and joy.

Thank you so much, Joshua, for guiding me to this wonderful place, within me. I am no longer troubled about my relationships with others. If I am triggered by anything or anyone, I go into BEING BUANTUM™ and the problem is released. For the first time in my life the mind chatter that used to drive me crazy is minimal!

~Denise Davies, Cyprus

I have enjoyed your program soooooo much! It's amazing Being Quantum™.I had pain in my teeth and had been to a wonderful Holistic dentist who took time to explain all the issues going on in my mouth, and how much work needed to be done to correct them. It was going to cost thousands.Five or Six weeks later, I had realized that I had felt no pain in my mouth for at least a month. Wow! I truly feel my teeth issues have been cleared with Quantum.Joshua is such a generous and patient teacher and coach. I will always be grateful for the opportunity to have learned from him. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone!

~ Miranda Camp, Hawaii

Prior to listening to Joshua Bloom, I was suffering from an imbalance in my ear for 6 months, and traditional treatment did not make any difference. After listening and going through his process, Quantum Energy Transformation™, in an online workshop, that night, I was surprised that when I got up from the computer, I had no dizziness at all.Even the next morning when I got out of bed, my dizziness was gone and I felt great. That was 2 1/2 months ago and I have not had any imbalances since.

~ Hani Sidler, Florida


Time Limited Bonus Class 4 is available ONLY if you purchase the program before the timer ends.







Risk Free!

All Items in this package are in digital format for immediate download Not available on CDs.